“Miss Bimbo” and Breast Implants

What is the big deal??  After all of the media hype regarding the new online game “Miss Bimbo”, I had to join up and check it out.  The game is geared towards experiencing a virtual life missbimbowhere you can choose your hair color and style, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, flirt for boyfriends, get breast implants, furnish your own apartment, and setting goals such as going to college.  All by using your accrued “Bimbo Dollars” from your very own Bimbo Bank Account.The idea of the game is to become the “coolest, richest and most famous bimbo in the whole world/game.”  It reminds me of The Sims meets My Scene Barbie. In order to become the coolest and richest, you must complete various goals such as getting cute hairstyles, getting your own apartment, getting a new job, etc. to pass to the next level.  Your IQ, attitude, Happiness Level, and your bank account increase (or decrease)  as you play the game.  You can also purchase things such as dressers and cupboards, as well as cereal bars, vegetables and medicines.  Your choices must be sound to advance in your virtual life.  I must admit that I was only on level one when instead of reviewing my goals first, I got the “wrong” haircut according to the game.  Then I went on a shopping spree. But I looked cute, who cares! 

The Complaints

  1. Mothers are concerned that their children are being exposed to unhealthy ideas such as breast implants making you more popular.  Which they do in the game itself.
  2. Diet Pills were once an available item at the market but has been since removed. So no valid complaint here.
  3. Glorifying the Bimbo Persona.
  4. Apparently the game once called for keeping your Bimbo waif thin, but that has since been removed.

The Pros

  1. The game gives you an ideal (and very healthy) body weight goal and you must eat to maintain it.  You get more points for choosing healthy foods over chocolate, etc.  You are encouraged to eat well.  “It’s very important that you feed your bimbo every day. Feed her cravings by purchasing food at the Store and the Market.”  Diet Pills are no longer available.
  2. You are encouraged to exercise as well.
  3. You are encouraged to go to college and get out on your own.
  4. It keeps your kids from getting hit on by 40 year old pedophiles on MySpace, or out doing drugs.

Why I Think the Media & Parents are Overreacting

  1. This game doesn’t have a set age it is targeted to anymore.  It is not designed specifically for children.  There are adult goals and adult body-styles in this game. In fact, there is now an age requirement!  You cannot purchase Bimbo Dollars (via text messages that cost you a couple of real bucks) if you are under the age of 16/18.  If your child is lying about their age to play, it’s your problem.  To be fair, I do see the draw of the game to younger children, as I do not have the time to play with an avatar-meets-gigapet.  However, parents it is YOUR job to monitor what your children are doing online.
  2. And it’s not like Sponge Bob is getting a penile implant, or Elmo is getting a sex change operation here or anything.  While breast implants are not a reason to suddenly increase your popularity, it is a known fact they increase self esteem in women who are self conscious about their bust size.  Trying to deny that is pointless.  It may not be age-appropriate but it is reality.
  3. Diet Pills are definitely not for children, you’re right.  But see Pros point #1, this has changed.  I must admit I wish my doll were a little thinner.  She is 5’6” (my actual height) and today weighs in at 127. 908 lb.

Life In Bimbo Land

Day One:

    • I signed up, started off with 1000 Bimbo dollars and the first thing I did was go get a new hairstyle and dye my hair blonde.  Typical.  It cost me 40 Bimbo bucks, but it gained me 30 Bimbo Attitude points.  It was a good investment me thinks.
    • Then off to the cosmetics counter I went to buy pink lipstick and black eyeliner and eyeshadow.  I was looking to put the sexy back in Bimbo.  It cost me 60 Bimbo dollars, but I gained 70 Bimbo Attitude Points. That’s almost as expensive as MAC!
    • Then I went and bought clothes because I couldn’t very well run around in a bra and panties.  So I bought a black opera gown (of course!), some jeans, a shirt and a pair of strappy heels I could wear with either outfit.  Oh yeah, and a silver bracelet. Clothes are cheap in Bimbo Land.
    • I checked my hunger (1%), thirst (1.2%) and happiness levels (99%). 
    • Then I checked my goals.  Ooops. Apparently, to go to the next level I needed to have blond pigtails with highlights, an apartment and sign up for training for a job.  
    • So off I went to get my hair done AGAIN. 40 more bucks.
    • My apartment is a cruddy studio for 21 bucks a day! $620 Bimbo Bucks a month may not seem like much but I have no job–yet.
    • I didn’t eat today or drink today because the market that I went to was sold out, so my thirst and hunger levels were about at 11% when I went to bed.  She barely lost a pound though!
    • Tomorrow I will get a job.

Day Two:

  • First thing I had to do was eat and drink.  My Hunger and Thirst Levels were at 13%.  But I was still 99% happy.  Right On!
  • So I went to the market and found water ($5) and cereal bars ($10) at a market in the city.  I also stored 2 waters (the limit for Level 1) in case they ran out again. You can store, use, sell, or throw away your items, be they food or other.
  • I checked my goals, still no job.  Oh yeah, that.  So off to the city Job Center I went.
  • The training required 70 IQ points which I had (I’m not that smart apparently), and $250!  Well, I had 815 Bimbo bucks left, which was enough to get the training I needed to make more money. So I signed up for class.
  • They are training me as a Baker of all things, and it is going to take 3 days! But I will be making $50 Bimbo Bucks, although they do not state if that is per day/week/month.  I am assuming that is per day since my cruddy apartment is $21 a day and I must eat about $15 worth in food every day. I wonder if I will be able to take home leftovers from my job like in the real world. It would save me a lot of money, but I would gain weight L  Oh well, nothing tastes as good as thin feels, right?
  • So, three days of training and it has already cost me $21 for my apartment yesterday.  That’s $63 additional bucks for the next three days before I can start making any money.  Maybe I will sell my water.
  • Even though I am in training, I completed all of my tasks and leveled up to #2.  Well see what is available to me in this level…
  • Apparently, I already completed a goal by being a Fashion Victim in Level 1. “Buy at least 3 items of the latest fashion trends! You gotta keep looking good!”  Yay me! Check!
  • My two remaining goals are to find a boyfriend and go to the hairstylist and get a pink bun.  Apparently so I can lose the boyfriend shortly afterwards. A pink bun??
  • I went to check the other stats of other players and a lot of players were my age, interestingly.  The top Bimbo is 31 years old!  She doesn’t have much money but she has TONS of Bimbo Attitude.

The moral of the story is, there are FAR worse things that your kid could be getting into.  Granted the hub-bub is coming from the UK because the game is marketed there.  Having been there quite a bit and knowing lots of people from there, I do know they can be more conservative.  I am not making a judgment, just comparing here to there.  Just like seeing male full frontal nudity at the beach freaks me out if I am in Europe, having Avatars buy breast implants freaks others out.  The point is, Parents, please monitor your children’s online activities.  It is your responsibility to keep your children safe and in check.

So, as of this evening, I have 90 Bimbo Attitude, I am 2% hungry and not at all thirsty.  I am still 127.908 lb and I am still 99% happy.  My stats say that I spend 21 Bimbo Dollars and I win 30 Bimbo Attitude a day.  Overall I find the game a little novel and cute, but generally I am too busy to care if my Bimbo is gaining popularity or losing/gaining weight. There are some games I can play to increase her IQ and Bank Account which I might look into during lunch at my desk but for now I am bored.  And if I had the money I’d go get breast implants.

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