Fake a Six Pack with a Spray Tan and Abdominal Etching

 maletorsoSo you don’t look like the guys from 300. Neither did they.  But still you want a 6 pack you could grate cheese on and your 500 crunches are getting you nowhere? Smoke and mirrors, or surgery, there are options!   Let’s get back to the 300.  Granted, they were in great shape and placed on stringent exercise plans before filming the movie, but strategically placed bronzer can give your rectus abdominus the appearance of a Greek God on steroids.

Spray tanning, or airbrushing with a non-tanning, cosmetic bronzer can give the appearance of having a 6 pack without really having much of one.  Obviously if you are pretty thick around middle, this is not going to create a believable illusion.  But, if you are even slightly toned, this can work.  Spray tan in general creates better shadows and gives the appearance of a non-doughy, golden, hard body.  Strategically placing bronzer in the valleys between the abdominal hills makes it all the better.

Don’t want to fake it and want to have some true, but not ivory hard, definition? Abdominal etching can remove the fat in the areas between the abdominal muscles, thereby enhancing the appearance of a six pack.   how is this done? Liposuction! Small suctions wands, called cannulae, can remove fat from your abdomen and either enhance what you do have my bringing the real muscles to light, or creating the appearance of such by leaving fat on the muscle itself, but removing fat from the fascia lines that connect the muscles. 

A more traditional approach to a 6 pack would be to lose the fat and grow your own muscle!   You cannot see your abdominal muscles if you have fat covering them, you could do a thousand crunches a day and if you’re not partaking in enough cardio to remove the fat layer, you’ll never see the fruits of your labor.  So it is the same old song and dance, my friends: diet and exercise.  Reduce the amount of calories, increase the protein intake to feed your muscles, and increase the cardiovascular and resistance exercise to lose the fat and build muscles. 

Having a six pack is an asset, so if you want it, you either have to fake it, buy it, or work for it!  If you have any tips on how you’ve made your stomach look pleasing to the eye, please let me know.  

Further reading: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1608/is_3_20/ai_113601127

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