Getting Rid of Bra Rolls & Back Fat

breastaugpainI have to say since having liposuction, fat turns up in the weirdest places.  I don’t gain any where I had lipo, but I for sure gain it in my arms, back, definitely on my butt and on my ribs. Even I have fat on my back when I am not at my ultra-preferred weight.  You wouldn’t know it until I wear compression gear (like Under Armour) with a sportsbra underneath, or a tight shirt sometimes. But the fat gets pushed out and appears as though I have the ‘bra roll’–a ‘sports bra roll’ is no better!  Back rolls, bra rolls, what difference does it make? It’s all the same…BACK FAT!

Several areas of complaint are often the case with back fat: above and below the bra back strap, on the outside of the shoulder straps, under the arm, above the tailbone, even at the base of the neck.  Some of these areas may persist even when one watches what they eat, due to aging, genetics, or even medications.  Regardless of the reason behind it, it can’t make one feel good to have it visible for all the world to see.  I know it makes me feel uncomfortable; even thinking about it is going to put me on a diet.  I haven’t been exactly adhering to a good eating plan as of late. And my ribs and back are not thanking me for it.

So, what can be done when good old-fashioned diet and exercise doesn’t seem to be working? Liposuction of course.  While I am not advocating that you get liposuction in lieu of a good diet and exercise regimen, I am saying that if you have tried all of the above without starving yourself and running your feet into the ground on the treadmill, and the fat stays, there is hope.  Liposuction is still popular as ever, and SmartLipo (although still too new for me to try) is another option.

  • Tumescent Liposuction: With tumescent liposuction, the treatment area is first infused with a cocktail of saline, a pain reliever such as lidocaine, and epinephrine (which makes your blood vessels smaller, prohibiting excess bleeding and less lidocaine uptake.) This makes the treatment area firmer and the allows easier and less traumatic fat remova by the cannula (suction wand).
  • Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL): This technique uses high frequency soundwaves to help break up the fat cells.  This bursts the fat cell membrane and liquefies the fat cells’ contents thereby requiring less suction and force to remove the fat.
  • Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL): This method uses a linear-reciprocating cannula which moves back and forth very rapidly.  This requires less effort on the surgeon and  reportedly less trauma to the patient.
  • Body Jet Liposuction: This is similar to tumescent in the sense tumescent fluid is used, however it is forced into the tissue at high pressure using the inside cannula of a double cannula (a cannula within a cannula) and almost immediately sucked out by the outside suction wand.. The spray breaks up the fat cells and is said to cause even less trauma to the treatment area than other methods. Read more in my Body Jet Liposuction article.
  • Laser Assisted Liposuction, SmartLipo & Laser Lipolysis (or lipolisis): Laser-assisted liposuction  uses a laser to emulsify the fat cells’ contents without destroying the actual cell membrane.  Suction can be used, although it can also be allowed to be resorbed by the body or drain through the incisions.  Some lasers are cold laser methods, others, hot.  Laser Lipolysis also tightens the underlying collagen by utilizing the laser’s heat which causes a thermal response wound.
  • Lipodisolve: SmartLipo uses injections of phosphatidylcholine and an emulsifier, sodium deoxycholate. These treatments require multiple injections numbering anywhere from 60 to 100 injections depending upon the size of the treatment area.

Please visit for more information about your options.  I’d recommend that you visit the forum so that you are able to speak without patients who have undergone back liposuction.

So what to do when there’s loose skin left over?  A Back Tuck is the ticket. Seriously.   Just like a tummy tuck, excess skin can be removed.  The result? A smoother, tighter back. The bad news? A scar about 6 – 10 inches long which is hidden under your bra strap.  Extra skin from weight loss either from bariatric surgery or naturally, sometimes the skin doesn’t snap back. Removal can be your only option.  Just remember, the scar is a reality.

So how much does all of this cost? $4000. for the back lipo, more usually when the arms are included.  And upwards of $6000 for back tucks.  SmartLipo runs about $4000, and Lipodissolve anywhere from $500 to several thousands depends upon the amount of injections needed and the treatment area size.

Still, the above options are no substitute for a healthy, active lifestyle with balanced diet rich in greens lean proteins and whole grains.  Getting at least 30 minutes in some for of cardio a day is also very beneficial  When it comes down to it, the best way to lose fat is to use more calories than you consume.

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2 responses to “Getting Rid of Bra Rolls & Back Fat

  1. I am having breast augmentation next month and I was wondering if it will get rid of my back boobs ? I’ve been working out non stop for over a year now but it seems like it won’t go away. I’m a 34A and hopefully going to be a large B or small C. The PS and I agreed on 335CC cause of my small frame. I told him I just want to be proportionned with my hips.

    • Unfortunately breast augmentation will do nothing for the excess fat on your back. It will only add volume to the breast envelope. If you find that diet and exercise are not reducing the amount of back fat you may choose to look into lipo for the area. But honestly, lower caloric intake and exercise would be best.

      Good luck to you!

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