Duck Lips: Knowing When To Say “No More”

After my polite and oh-so-subtle skydiving acquaintances and friends [who know nothing about cosmetic surgery by the way]’ lovingly’ started calling me Daffy behind my back, I decided to write a little something about going overboard with lip augmentation fillers.  The kicker is that my lips were in need of Restylane when they last saw me, hence our conversation.  They simply overheard me talking about getting my lips injected at dinner a few weeks ago and it became an instant controversy over sushi.

Now, in my opinion my lips are not huge right now at all.  I only received a touch of Restylane this last time around.  But the mentioning of my lips getting injected at all stopped people in the middle of chewing their California rolls. A few were appalled and couldn’t understand why I would do such a thing. Others wanted to know more.  It seems to me that they feel that it is black and white, small lips or large lips–no in-between, no balance, just duck lips. They automatically assumed I was going for the gold and getting them ginormous.  What’s the big deal?

I tried explaining but to no avail. Next thing I know I was getting pics of duck lips and surgery addicts posted on my MySpace. Not cool.  It shows you the maturity level of some of these individuals, doesn’t it?  Well, whatever the case, it has triggered me to write an article about when to say no on injectable fillers.  When poofy is perfect, and over-poof is just not attractive.

The reason that most people over inject over time is not because they usually set out to have lips this large.  It starts little by little, almost like a developing addiction.  You have a little put in, you get a little swollen, you become accustomed to the swelling and you like the ‘high’ you receive from knowing you are going to look better. The swelling subsides and you think that your lips are small again.  What do you do?  You go and get more injected and the cycle starts all over again.  Pretty soon you look almost like a Grouper fish and people are staring or making snide comments. 

How to avoid this situation?  Photos.  Before and after photos are such a great tool to keep you anchored to reality. Many times one does not realize the improvement they do have unless they view their before and after photos.  When your eyes adjust slowly over days when looking in the mirror, you usually lose sight of your improvement, so you schedule another appointment,  When you look at your before and after photos, you can honestly judge , side by side, the improvements that were made. And remember, the enemy of good, is better.  So, please, next time you think you may need more lip augmentation, take a look at some photos that shows you now, as compared to before.  Slow, baby steps are best!

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One response to “Duck Lips: Knowing When To Say “No More”

  1. Thank you for your blog. I am so happy to have read what you wrote about over injecting. I am getting addicted/obsessed with the Juvederm in my lips/cheeks. I think it is not enough when in reality it probably is. Oftentimes, more is not better and that is the case with fillers.
    My problem is getting injections is like therapy for me, it just feels so good and I have high pain tolerance. So that is not helpful. I would go once a month if I could afford it, lol!

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