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“My Breast Implants Are Too Small: How Long To Wait For Redo?”

“I had a BA silicone 450 R went to 500 /500 went to 550 L under, on March 21, I want a redo to go bigger by 100 cc’s , how long should I wait to get a redo, I was thinking maybe July or wait til Nov of this year.”

This is probably one of the most common complaints after Breast Augmentation not related to a complication.  Many patients feel that their Breast Implants are too small right after their surgery.  Personally, I have never felt this way (even after two different breast augmentations with 510 cc saline breast implants) because I had gone rather large and admittedly regretted choosing such a large size (both times!).   Granted, I liked it at first.  When you’re just lying around healing, having noticeable results is like Christmas!  But when you get back to your daily life, finding bras that fit (32F!) and easing back into your activities can be a little “different” with that much mass on your chest.  So be careful what you wish for.   And remember, the larger you go the more stress is applied to your tissues and the faster you will sag without sufficient support (although we all sag eventually).

Now that you’re heard my thoughts from personal experience, I thought I’d share the comments of 4 of our Expert Breast Augmentation Surgeons

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Breast Augmentation Print-Outs, PDF Files Updated

I have updated the Breast Augmentation Print-outs (PDF files) which include:

Thailand Breast Slap Technique for Increasing Breast Size

Thai Breast Slap, a method purported to be a century old, is said to increase the size of the bust by 1 to 4 inches. The method is said to incorporate aggressive slapping, massaging and pinching of breast tissue, fat and the underlying muscle of the breasts and other areas of the body to increase the breast size (as well as thin areas of the abdomen and surrounding ribcage.

The method is supposedly two-fold: It is claimed that manipulating the fat from the surrounding areas of the body to redeposit in the breasts causes increase. As well as the manipulation of muscle is said to build the pectorals to also enhance the breasts.

The 6 day treatment is reported to be painful but worth the results. After the initial treatment is given, the breasts are then washed with ice cold water and then patients are instructed to perform follow-up exercises at home to maintain the results, or further enhance the results they received during the clinic treatment.

The Thai Health Ministry is said to have organized a 6 month study with patients ranging from 20-60 yrs of age to determine the safety and efficacy of the treatment after a patient developed breast cancer and blamed the treatments for her condition. The Health Ministry was unable to determine a direct causative link to breast cancer but did report a measurable increase in bust size

Cost: 16,000 Thai Baht (or $530)

**I have no clue how this could even be effective whatsoever. How you could somehow cause migration to the fat cells to go where you want it? If that were the case I’d be manipulating my butt and thighs all the way up to my face. Launched

My friend Heather Bakker, you may know her on the forums as “Halo”, and I have started a new breast augmentation website. Heather is having her redo with Dr Horn and thought it would be great to launch a new breast augmentation support website since the old one is gone.  When she asked me to be a part of it I jumped at the chance!  We buckled down and designed a website which we hope is user friendly and informative.  Some of the content is from YTF for now but she and I have been working around the clock to get more detailed, fresh content to help others in their pursuit of breast augmentation. Please help us spread the word and join us on the forum :)

Heather will also be making a video blog of her entire experience ans well as a traditional journal with photos.  So be sure you stay tuned to see what it is like, from beginng to end, to have breast implants surgery.

Transferring Blogs From Oldest to Newest

I have been transferring all of my blog articles from my last blog to this one, hence the weird dates.  I started from oldest to newest, why, I have no idea. It just worked out that way.  So please forgive any old news that appears as it is being rehashed as ‘new’.  However, I am dating them as the same, original dates as they were written.

I started this particular blog (WordPress) this week which is also the reason there are no comments as of yet. I was unable to transfer the reader comments along with the articles.

Are Cosmetic Surgery Contests Unethical

contestYou’ve seen the contests on the Internet, heard them on the radio, seen them in certain clubs: Win Breast Implants!  Apply Within. Free surgery, how great can that be?  All you have to do is agree to be part of the contest, perhaps take a few photos, maybe make a few appearances and interviews. Sounds like an inexpensive way to get a better bustline, yeah? Not in my opinion.  

So why am I so against this obvious opportunity for those who don’t have other means to financially make surgery happen? 

A. how does the awarder know if the awardee is physically and mentally a candidate for plastic surgery? B. In some contests, the patient has no choice over who their surgeon is going to be, not good. C. Some patients are victims of winner’s syndrome, similar to winners on eBay who are willing to pay more, simply to win.  In this case, patients are willing to risk more, simply to win a chance at having surgery.  D. In the event that you have complications, more than likely, you will have to foot the bill. Always include this when considering any procedure.  And lastly, *ugh* sometimes the contest throwers make the contestants do the worst, almost degrading, activities. 

One contest that some may consider mild, yet still similar to clean mud wrestling, was a Halloween contest thrown in Las Vegas.  The contestants had 90 minutes to scurry around a night club looking for Halloween candy.  The five girls holding the most candy at the end of the 90 minute period, went up on stage where others “voted” who should get free boobs. I imagine women fighting over candy they don’t intend to eat, but what is used as currency for raffle tickets for free breasts.  It almost bothers me to think about it.

Howard Stern has also had similar contests.  Heck, he has outright purchased breast implant procedures for women.  Then he parades them in front of his staff and asks outright, on the air, in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers, to strip and let him test drive the new additions.  I think this is what bothers me the most.  Those who know me well, know that I am no fan of this man.  But mention him alongside a breast implant contest and I am all over it like a rabid pitbull.

I personally find breast implant contests disgraceful; my comments are not meant directly at the women but at the men who would stoop so low as to dangle such a carrot in front of their faces.  But, then again I have always saved for my surgeries or gotten them discounted because they would be portrayed on television. So perhaps I am not one to utter a word.  I just would hate for a woman to be made a spectacle of simply so they can get a free surgery.  Surgery is so personal, and to let outsiders in for any reason can make you feel awful, much less be made to jump through hoops to gain a chance at receiving them. But I know, as women, we have all probably done far worse out of either pressure or guilt.

So my question is, is it ethical for men (and the contributing surgeons) to be running these various contests to award breast implants to women? Or do you feel that using your gender and body to get what you want without regret is a good thing?  I am curious as to your thoughts. Perhaps I am just overly sensitive and jaded from past experiences in life.  Perhaps I feel as though I am looking out for other women, when in reality using what God gave you to get what you can out of it is ‘okay’ (even if it means improving what God gave you!).  I am really curious as to how you all feel. Maybe I just have not seen the light, or am I right on the money where being taken advantage of is concerned?  Please let me know…

Micro Breast Implants: The Next Step or A Step Back?

In the techno-world, smaller is better. Our cell phones, our MP3 players, our computers, cameras, nanotechnology in cosmetics and medicine…everything is shrinking and many of us like it that way.  Some may think the next course of action may transcend over into the cosmetic surgery field. Specifically a new invention, Micro Breast Implants (or Microballoons), designed by the same surgeon who brought us the Dr. William A. Brennan Boob Job Giveaway. 

In the micro breast implant procedure, small, textured, translucent silicone implants (US Patent 7169180 ) are implanted into the breast tissue with a special injector through a 5mm incision.  The implants are placed in a pocket like breast implant said to compress together and not migrate.  They are designed to feel more like breast tissue and not like a firm grapefruit (which I happen to like ha!).  I imagine them to resemble little individual, packing bubbles.  Another plus is that the size is said to  be adjustable by simply adding more (or presumably removing some if you’d like to go smaller).  The press release reports that in a poll, 60% of women would prefer these over traditional breast implants.  This new breast augmentation procedure is theorized to look more natural and eliminate the full look of traditionally implanted breasts (which I also like!).

In theory, this sounds like a good idea. So, is this in fact the next generation in breast augmentation, or are we stepping back a little because of not thinking ahead?

  • Mammograms: If the implants can only be placed inside the breast tissue, wouldn’t the early detection of breast cancer be hindered more with these implants than with traditional implants?
  • Scar Tissue: Although the implants are soft, there are several injectable fillers which rely on micro implant technology and trigger the body’s own collagen production from foreign body reaction to give augmentation.  Wouldn’t the same reaction apply, not so much in augmentation but dense tissue intertwining the implants–ergo more fibrous tissue formation in the breast?
  • Capsular Contracture (CC): Would the same reaction apply and how would the end result feel?  Would the treatment of CC be more difficult because of many implants that must be dealt with?
  • Contour Irregularities: Although they are reported not to be able to migrate, what if they do?  Coupled with the aforementioned scar tissue, would puckering be possible in the event this occurred? What about the nature of having many small implants inserted into the subglandular position, wouldn’t this not be a good option for patients with thin skin or very little breast tissue? Would it then feel like a breast filled with tapioca pudding?

But this is what clinical trials are for.  These questions can only be answered through the organization and completion of medical trials. Trials which require the implantation of these investigational devices in animals and then in patients like me and you who are willing to be a part of an experiment–a new frontier.  It’s how we advance. Someone has to take one for the team.

Dr. Brennan is said to be the only neurosurgeon in California who practices cosmetic surgery and is a fellow of the F.A.C.S. Dr. Brennan is not certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

For very detailed information on the patent and the breast augmentation system, please visit the below sites:

Effectiveness of Breast Enlargement Exercises

areolaereductionI must. I must. I must increase my bust. Not gonna happen. I am sorry to tell you this straight off the bat without a shred of hope, but you absolutely cannot increase your breast size with any type of breast exercises.  The breasts are constructed of milk glands (which swell and enlarge gradually when you are pregnant), milk ducts, fat, and connective tissue.  People often turn to breast exercises before surgery and wonder if breast enlargement exercises truly work to increase bust size.

NO amount of chest flys and presses will increase the mass of your breasts.  Sure, you can build the pectoral muscles beneath the breast mound which can give the illusion of larger, higher breasts. But for any significant and noticeable change you’d have to work out considerably, supplement your protein intake and even then, do you want huge pecs if you are not a body builder?  In fact, increasing cardio and muscle mass can reduce your body fat percentage and further decrease your breast size.  

What are the only ways to truly increase breast size? A change in hormones (from birth control, to pregnancy), moderate to significant liposuction in fatty areas such as the hips, thighs, and waist coupled with post-operative weight gain. Even if the weight gain is nominal, the fat cells will store these calories elsewhere. The last option? Surgery. Either with the gold standard breast implants or the not so common fat grafting.  Increasing the breast size requires increasing the breast size, not the muscles. 

There are even special gadgets on the market that are targeted towards breast size increase.  Some even have a 30 day money back guarantee.  They claim to not only cause an increase in bust size, but also the lifting of saggy breasts.  That’s where I have to step in and speak up. Firstly, yes increasing muscle mass under the breasts can cause a minimal lifting effect. But when the sag is caused from sagging skin with loss of elasticity from weight gain and loss, or breast size gain and loss, no amount of toning up will affect your skin.  When your skin is stretched out, the only thing to help it lift back up is surgical breast lifts or less invasive collage- producing treatments which help shrink the skin.  Volume restoration (either with breast implants or fat grafting) can further help reduce the look and feel of sagging breasts.

I wish I had better news but I am always ready to been proven wrong.  I am sure there are some significant cases out there which show pretty good lift, especially with smoke and mirrors and great push up bras. But when it comes down to the average case, breast exercises aren’t going to bring anyone up a full cup size, much less more than that.  If anyone has had an experience that proves otherwise, please post it. I am sure a silver lining would be appreciated in the gray clouds of reality.

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

breastreconstructionThis subject has been coming up a lot since the announcement of Christina Applegate’s breast cancer diagnosis.  Although it shouldn’t take a celebrity to bring about awareness, it should be something on our minds once a month during our self breast examinations.  According to the U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group,  in 2004, 186,772 women and 1,815 men were diagnosed with breast cancer. Worse, 40,954 women and 362 men died from breast cancer in 2004.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up soon so please get into your physician and have a screening performed to be sure.  Even if breast cancer doesn’t run in your family, one day out of your year to go and have a mammogram won’t kill you, but not doing so may.

I have a very good friend, we’ll call her Loretta, who has a history of breast cancer and fibrocystic disease in her family. Loretta lost one breast to breast cancer in 2004.  Just one, not both; she is now in her 60’s and hasn’t had a problem arise in her remaining breast as of yet but she feels it is only a matter of time.  She chose not to have breast reconstruction because she says, “I know who I am. I don’t need breasts. I am at an age where it didn’t matter to me, My [late] husband didn’t mind either.” Although she confided that the external prostheses are heavy and awkward and she now wishes she had had a bilateral mastectomy.  She is proof that there is life after mastectomy regardless whether or not you choose to have breast reconstruction.  Loretta is active, confident, wise–all the attributes I look up to as a woman. 

Loretta, whose mother died from breast cancer, has been a volunteer at We Care Cancer Support Center in the Tri-state area (based in Arizona).  She has helpedso many people get through the bad times after their diagnosis and has supported them during their treatments.  She is a cancer survivor who, she feels, more than likely has another battle ahead of her. She is a huge proponent of breast cancer screening and feels that the best form of prevention is early detection.

But, what if you wish to have breast reconstruction?  Maybe, unlike Loretta, you feel that having breast reconstruction can help you feel “normal” or in some way may distancs you from the fact that you had a mastectomy.  There are treatments available so that you don’t have to be reminded of your breast cancer.

Your Options In Breast Reconstruction

Now that you have beat cancer’s butt, if you choose to have breast reconstruction there are a few options you may not have thought of.  Everyone automatically thinks silicone implants, but there are a few other options, as well as combo-options. 

  • Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Pedicle Flap: The Latissimus Dorsi muscle is the large muscle on your back.  Reconstruction using the LD is considered a pedicle flap procedure.  A pedicle is what a flap of skin is referred to when it is still left attached to the body’s blood supply so that the viability of the flap can be maintained.  The opposite is a free flap (see below) when the tissue is removed entirely from the body and then reattached via sutures.  With a pedicle flap, the tissue is still connected via a blood supply and re-situated and reattached in its new position via sutures.  The nipple (if not affected by cancer) is also usually left on a pedicle when possible so that it can be left on the body.  If not, a cosmetic tattoo can match the color and size of the other nipple if applicable.  A hole is often time made in the LD and the muscle is then pulled forward (under the skin) and reattached over where the breast mound once was.  This offers augmentation and creates a small to medium sided breast.  Usually, however, further augmentation with an implant is necessary.  In this case, a tissue expander is utilized to make a pocket and a breast implant is then inserted.  The LD is often used to hide the implant when the pectoral muscles are removed due to cancer. The scars for this procedure are often on the breast, as well as on the back either horizontally, or vertically under the arm.
  • Pedicle TRAM Flap:  A Pedicle Tram Flap is a flap using the Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous (hence, TRAM).  The TRAM is left on a pedicle, as explained above, to increase the chances of graft viability.  The TRAM flap seems to be the most often used method due to the use of the body’s own fat creating a natural breast feel. The TRAM flap is obtained by creating an almost football shaped incision on your lower abdomen and removing the rectus abdominus muscle, fat and skin, and then removing the skin and inserting the flap under the skin of the breast (where the nipple is normally removed).  The skin is then sutured into place and eventually a “nipple” is colored in using cosmetic tattooing.  The bonus is that essentially, you get a tummy tuck procedure as a bonus. The scars from this procedure are on the breast, as well as a horizontal scar on the lower abdomen as is typical with a tummy tuck.
  • Free TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction: This procedure is similar to the above procedure however the flap is severed from any blood supply and reconnected using microsurgery to a blood supply located in the breast area.
  • Gluteal Free Flap Techniques: When a patient does not wish to have a scar on the lower abdomen, or when tissue may not be sufficient in very thin patients,.  Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator (SGAP) flaps and Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator (IGAP) flaps are the two options in gluteal free flap procedures. In the SGAP procedure, the flap is removed from the middle of the buttock area and is then resituated on the breast mound.  Microsurgery reconnects a blood supply that will increase the chances of graft liability, In the IGAP procedure, the flap is removed from the lower buttocks, placing a scar in the crease of the buttocks.  Either way the procedure creates a scar on both the breast and the buttocks, which is less obvious than the lower abdomen.
  • Breast Augmentation Using Breast Implants:  Just as with standard breast augmentation, augmentation can be restored to the breasts using an internal prosthesis.  These prostheses are made from silicone elastomer and filled with either silicone or saline. Often an expander is utilized to create a pocket and the breast implant is inserted at a later date.  Please see for more information.
  • Check with your surgeon for more options which may be available to you

Whatever your choice, whether you choose to reconstruct or not, the important thing is your health. Being cancer free is what matters most! Breasts or no breasts you are a woman and a survivor. No one will ever forget that.  Breast reconstruction is a personal decision that does not define who you are on the inside.  But it an option that is available to you if you so choose.

Breast Enlargement By Hypnosis

unaugmentedbreasts Not everyone has the money or the desire to have surgical breast enlargement.  Not everyone feels comfortable about having breast implants inside of their body either.  So for those of you who appreciate natural breast tissue, instead of a firmer feel. there is something you may not have even considered–or believe if you have. Hypnosis.  Seriously.

According to Wendi Friesens, a hypnotist which promotes breast enlargement through the use of her CDs, there have supposedly been documented studies involving hypnosis and breast enlargement, with a measurable increase in breast size averaging between 1.5 and 2 inches in circumference.  Unbelievable you say?  That’s what I said, and I am not entirely sure I am convinced.  Granted most of the studies mentioned were carried out in the mid to late 1970’s but they did supposedly point to an overall increase in breast size. 

So where does one go to get hypnotized for breast enlargement and how much does it cost? Well, it’s not that simple; breast enlargement via hypnosis is a visualization process.  Have you ever heard of visualizing your goals to make them real?  Many successful people in the world believe this to be true.  The same goes with the concept of mind over matter, or in this case breast tissue.  There are several breast enlargement self hypnosis CD programs on the market today, available via ordering online if this method strikes your fancy.

There is even a video on that promotes hypnotherapy in lieu of surgical breast augmentation. There areven MP3 downloads for sale to help you reach your special place where your thoughts of breast tissue growth can possibly be manifested in a true cup size increase. Or so they claim.  Whatever the case, the only thing you can probably lose is your money, which is less than if you were to have surgery. 

On one site, the after definitely looked like breast implants to me.  There is no way that they could be that round and full and be natural.

You can choose to try it, or not…I just thought it was interesting to point out that there are people out there to claim there have been scientific studies which reported their findings with much enthusiasm.  Studies I have not yet independently read in full.  However, hypnosis has helped people quit smoking, drinking, drugs, overeating, and other addictions. Perhaps it can be used to increase breast size.   I would love to hear your thoughts on hypnosis and breast enlargement, or if you have had success with hypnosis in the past.  If you wanted breast augmentation, but couldn’t afford it, would you try hypnotherapy?″