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“My Breast Implants Are Too Small: How Long To Wait For Redo?”

“I had a BA silicone 450 R went to 500 /500 went to 550 L under, on March 21, I want a redo to go bigger by 100 cc’s , how long should I wait to get a redo, I was thinking maybe July or wait til Nov of this year.”

This is probably one of the most common complaints after Breast Augmentation not related to a complication.  Many patients feel that their Breast Implants are too small right after their surgery.  Personally, I have never felt this way (even after two different breast augmentations with 510 cc saline breast implants) because I had gone rather large and admittedly regretted choosing such a large size (both times!).   Granted, I liked it at first.  When you’re just lying around healing, having noticeable results is like Christmas!  But when you get back to your daily life, finding bras that fit (32F!) and easing back into your activities can be a little “different” with that much mass on your chest.  So be careful what you wish for.   And remember, the larger you go the more stress is applied to your tissues and the faster you will sag without sufficient support (although we all sag eventually).

Now that you’re heard my thoughts from personal experience, I thought I’d share the comments of 4 of our Expert Breast Augmentation Surgeons

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Preparing For Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Although surgery preparation in the weeks before your tummy tuck surgery may seem overwhelming, if you plan your steps and create lists for supplies and tasks, this will significantly lower your stress levels.  Doing so helps you focus on relaxing and healing, not worrying, which can only enhance your recovery.  Plus, you are sure not to forget anything!  The last thing you need on your surgery day is having to stop at the pharmacy and wait in the car while your caretaker rushes around searching for a forgotten item.  These tips, along with your own surgeon’s instructions, should definitely help you avoid that inconvenience.

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Benelli Mastopexy – Peri-areolar Breast Lift (Doughnut, Donut Breast Lift, Concentric)

Benelli Breast Lift Page and Diagrams Updated!

Also, how to determine your level of breast ptosis (sag), diagrams to help you..  Compare the resulting scars of various Breast Lift Methods.

If you feel your breasts are sagging due to age, pregnancy, weight gain or loss, but are afraid of the scar often associated with more aggressive breast lift procedures, the peri-areolar lift may be an option for you depending upon your level of ptsosis (sag). A peri-areolar breast lift can be performed with and without breast implants to reduce the amount of lax breast skin and reduce the size of the areola (the colored disc of skin around the nipple), if necessary.

Benelli Breast Lift Information

Juvederm To Submalar Area (Plus Botox and Restylane)

I was thrilled to get a touch up with Dr. Jonathan Hoenig in Beverly Hills today.   I am healing from my double layer 8% TCA peel so I look icky, but at least I just had my hair done yesterday, so I am hoping to look human again pretty soon.  I lost a few lb. I am so thankful to be able to pull myself out of this “rut” and get back into high gear

I wasn’t completely sure what I needed, so he advised he would examine my face and see what I had going on once I got there.  I knew I wanted lips and n/l’s for sure and Botox.  Of course I always want more cheeks, I just don’t think the Radiesse Cheek Augmentation did as much as I expected it would.  But then again, it has been over a year!  What did I expect?  And still, something needs to be done with my under eyes.  I feel old.

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My friend Heather Bakker, you may know her on the forums as “Halo”, and I have started a new breast augmentation website. Heather is having her redo with Dr Horn and thought it would be great to launch a new breast augmentation support website since the old one is gone.  When she asked me to be a part of it I jumped at the chance!  We buckled down and designed a website which we hope is user friendly and informative.  Some of the content is from YTF for now but she and I have been working around the clock to get more detailed, fresh content to help others in their pursuit of breast augmentation. Please help us spread the word and join us on the forum :)

Heather will also be making a video blog of her entire experience ans well as a traditional journal with photos.  So be sure you stay tuned to see what it is like, from beginng to end, to have breast implants surgery.

Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes Cosmetic Surgery Bill

Some of you may have read the article about the death of Kanye’s West’s mother, Donda West , that Valerie wrote last year.   Although it is unclear that Donda’s death could have been avoided had she a full physical which apparently the first surgeon she consulted with required.  She chose not to go with him.  She did, however, choose a surgeon which did not require a full physical.  She also chose, or rather the surgeon did not enforce, that she stay overnight. This in itself could have saved her life.

Unfortunately, we will never know what could have happened or not happened had other choices been made. We can only speculate on the outcome. What we can’t deny is that having a full physical and heeding your surgeon’s advice on aftercare can certainly increase the odds in your favor.

But to get to the point of this article. After Donda’s death, a bill (AB 2968) was proposed that would require cosmetic surgery patients to undergo a full physical before having surgery.  While it created only a nominal uproar in the cosmetic surgery community over the government’s laws being placed on one’s own body, it received the majority support.   It made sense to me as well.  I feel it is good practice to get a full physical, give a full medical history and get clearance from a physician before being accepted for any plastic surgery procedure. At least for your first one, or the first one in quite a while, and definitely as you mature.

But, it was announced today, that it did not, in fact, pass.  I honestly didn’t expect this in a million years for the bill not to pass, however the reason that was given was not that Governor Schwarzenegger didn’t agree with the bill, but rather because there were 900 bills to be either signed or vetoed.  And if he did nothing, they would all turn into law. Scary!  So in lieu of weighing each one, many of them got a “This bill does not meet that standard, and I cannot sign it at this time,”  Which is better than letting all pass to law when he hasn’ttime to fully review them. I suspect it will go up again, and either it will or won’t be officially denied.

This issue further drives home the warning that you simply must be absolutely honest with your plastic surgeon, stay up to date on your own health, and abide his wishes when it come pre- and post-op care.  Preparation is also key.  For instance, quit smoking well in advance before your cosmetic surgery, attempt to reach a good weight before having surgery, stay active, and eat a balanced diet in your day to day life.  We worry about everything under the sun but our health until something happens.  You know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Physicals To Be Mandatory in California Before Cosmetic Surgery

**Or let’s hope the bill will be signed by Ahhhnold.  I originally posted this article under the impression that AB 2968 was already passed.  However, I was incorrect and I apologize.  How this bill cannot be considered essential baffes me, and I can only hope the powers that be feel the same. **

Death, although a part of life, is always a tragedy to me.  The death of Kanya West’s mother, Donda, while having an elective procedure, is no exception.  Donda West’s death has triggered a proposition for a mandatory requirement in the state of California to have a physical examination before undergoing cosmetic surgery. 

I have had two doctors that required physicals before surgery, not all of them used to require it.  One of my surgeons mandates a pre-operative check up every time his patients have surgery, even if you just had surgery with him and your physical was 6 months ago. With 2968 in place, every patient in CA will be required to undergo a physical before having cosmetic surgery.  And I am all for it!  I further hope that it will be requirement for cosmetic surgery in every state, regardless of age.

Sure, it will add on some expense and inconvenience.  But it can also save your life.  Is living inconvenient?  I would venture to guess that you do not think so.  And the senate seems not to thinks so either.  With  whopping 37 to 1, AB 2968 was made official on 8/13/08.

2)Prohibits a  physician and surgeon  from performing a 

            cosmetic surgery procedure on a patient unless prior to 

            surgery the patient has received a physical examination 

            and written clearance for the procedure from any of the 

            following: a) the physician and surgeon who will be 

            performing the surgery, b) another licensed physician and 

            surgeon, c) a certified nurse practitioner or

          d) a licensed physician assistant.    Requires the physical 

            examination to include the taking of a complete medical 

            history.  States that a violation of these provisions is 

            not a misdemeanor.

If you have never had a physical, think about having one before your plastic surgery procedure, even if 2968 does not go into effect. It’s better to have had it, and not needed it, than have needed it and not have had it.