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“My Breast Implants Are Too Small: How Long To Wait For Redo?”

“I had a BA silicone 450 R went to 500 /500 went to 550 L under, on March 21, I want a redo to go bigger by 100 cc’s , how long should I wait to get a redo, I was thinking maybe July or wait til Nov of this year.”

This is probably one of the most common complaints after Breast Augmentation not related to a complication.  Many patients feel that their Breast Implants are too small right after their surgery.  Personally, I have never felt this way (even after two different breast augmentations with 510 cc saline breast implants) because I had gone rather large and admittedly regretted choosing such a large size (both times!).   Granted, I liked it at first.  When you’re just lying around healing, having noticeable results is like Christmas!  But when you get back to your daily life, finding bras that fit (32F!) and easing back into your activities can be a little “different” with that much mass on your chest.  So be careful what you wish for.   And remember, the larger you go the more stress is applied to your tissues and the faster you will sag without sufficient support (although we all sag eventually).

Now that you’re heard my thoughts from personal experience, I thought I’d share the comments of 4 of our Expert Breast Augmentation Surgeons

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Preparing For Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Although surgery preparation in the weeks before your tummy tuck surgery may seem overwhelming, if you plan your steps and create lists for supplies and tasks, this will significantly lower your stress levels.  Doing so helps you focus on relaxing and healing, not worrying, which can only enhance your recovery.  Plus, you are sure not to forget anything!  The last thing you need on your surgery day is having to stop at the pharmacy and wait in the car while your caretaker rushes around searching for a forgotten item.  These tips, along with your own surgeon’s instructions, should definitely help you avoid that inconvenience.

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Restylane Under Eye & Nasolabial Injections

I first sought treatment for under eye hollows with Sculptra® in November of 2004 and again for my second treatment and also to nasolabials in February of 2005.   It lasted for about 18 months and since I had developed a nodule from the Sculptra®, I decided to try a product which I felt had less possible complications, Restylane. 

So August 30, 2006 I had my first Restylane® under eye injections with Jonathan Hoenig, M.D. in Beverly Hills, California.  Incidentally the above photo was from a treatment in September of 2009. I get Restylane injected under my eyes about once a year.
I have also been treated with 5FU injections (starting 8/2006) to correct the scar tissue between my left cheek and under eye from the fat grafting procedure I had in 2004.  Granted, I had the demarcation prior to any facial procedures, but the fat grafting seemed to accentuate it. 

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Radiesse For Facial Augmentation

I love full, high cheeks.  I naturally have prominent cheeks, but I am always in the mood for more.  I had 1.3 cc of Radiesse to both cheeks on January 2010 by Dr. Jonathan Hoeing in Beverly Hills, California.  I loved the result and there was no palpable lumping at all.  I had only slight swelling, swelling that I appreciated and was sad to see dissipate.  As I said,  really love big cheeks and full lips, so this area is one of those where my doctor knows best.  I get a case of cheek or lip greed every now and then, and my doctor keeps me in check.

Unfortunately, my first Radiesse experience wasn’t this successful.  I first had Radiesse® injected in 2004, although back then it was known as Radiance FN® and it was into my lips.  I had heard so much about the product and felt at the time that it would be a good option.  I was told that it should last about 2 years and that in the long run, I would save money that I would normally spend on temporary fillers every 4 months.  The distributor had even comped the product (it was for a documentary on Discovery) so I was excited all over the board.  Well, unfortunately I had blanching and palpable lumping (both visual and with manual manipulation) which necessitated removal so needless to say I wasn’t too sold on the product at first.  These were the early days so some of us had to take the fall for the learning curve.  Radiesse is no longer recommended for lips. To read more on this, see: Radiesse Removal. 

But I think Radiesse is a great product for dermal facial augmentation and volume restoration!

Learn more about how Radiesse can help you restore lost volume or create augmentation where you never had it before…

Lessen Your Chances Of Bruising After Surgery & Injections, Or How To Get Rid Of Them–FAST

About 10 days post fat grafting and lip augmentation
 I may look like a dork but I assure you, warm compresses work!

Well, first of all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   And before you think I am being cliché (well, I suppose I am), it’s true!  I am going to outline best ways to avoid bruising as much or avoid bruising all together, and what to do if you do bruise to get rid of them faster…

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Benelli Mastopexy – Peri-areolar Breast Lift (Doughnut, Donut Breast Lift, Concentric)

Benelli Breast Lift Page and Diagrams Updated!

Also, how to determine your level of breast ptosis (sag), diagrams to help you..  Compare the resulting scars of various Breast Lift Methods.

If you feel your breasts are sagging due to age, pregnancy, weight gain or loss, but are afraid of the scar often associated with more aggressive breast lift procedures, the peri-areolar lift may be an option for you depending upon your level of ptsosis (sag). A peri-areolar breast lift can be performed with and without breast implants to reduce the amount of lax breast skin and reduce the size of the areola (the colored disc of skin around the nipple), if necessary.

Benelli Breast Lift Information

Freeze Your Fat Cells Away with CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™

Freeze Your Fat Cells Away with CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™. “CoolSculpting™ utilizes a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis™ to target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without damage to other tissue.”

CoolSculpting (Zytiq): CoolSculpting is considered a liposuction alternative and uses no incisions or heat.   This procedure is a cryolypolysis method, where cold and negative pressure (suction) on the outside of the skin, promote fat loss.  The fat cells are exposed to cold temperature which cause them to die, but does not harm the surrounding tissue.  The fat cells are more susceptible to being destroyed by such cold temperatures, but the areas which are readily fed with a blood supply, are not affected.  The body rids itself of the dead fat cell and a new one does not grow back in its place. The procedure takes about an hour per areas and the results are usually not visible until 2 to 4 months post-treatment.

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Lipo Central Website Launched

Liposuction Surgery is a very important and personal decision.  With all of theliposuction options available today, having the knowledge regarding these options is an empowering asset.  Some patients may feel anxiety when faced with the many choices, not to mention the ups and downs of liposuction recovery, from liposuction surgery.  Our goal is to help you alleviate any added stress by giving you access to straight-forward, quality information and a support system designed for patients just like you!

Lipo Central is dedicated to providing you with all of the information you need to help make an educated choice.  Whether it be educating you on the availablemethods of surgical liposuction and non-surgical fat removal procedures,, or choosing a liposuction plastic surgeon to give you the results you desire, we are here to help.  Having gone through liposuction procedures ourselves, we know what to expect, even in the unfortunate event that a complication may arise.

Although Liposuction is very popular and has a long standing safety record, it is still surgery. Therefore, risks are inherent, from anesthesia to post-surgical complications such as pulmonary thromboemboli, or dissatisfaction from contour deformities.

Arming yourself with the knowledge to lower some of these risks is as much your responsibility as it is your surgeons during your procedure. Being honest about the state of your health and adhering to post-surgical protocol can significantly lower many of the risks associated with liposuction surgery.

Please check out our newest liposuction information website, for all of your options for liposuction and non-invasive fat removal surgery!

Juvederm To Submalar Area (Plus Botox and Restylane)

I was thrilled to get a touch up with Dr. Jonathan Hoenig in Beverly Hills today.   I am healing from my double layer 8% TCA peel so I look icky, but at least I just had my hair done yesterday, so I am hoping to look human again pretty soon.  I lost a few lb. I am so thankful to be able to pull myself out of this “rut” and get back into high gear

I wasn’t completely sure what I needed, so he advised he would examine my face and see what I had going on once I got there.  I knew I wanted lips and n/l’s for sure and Botox.  Of course I always want more cheeks, I just don’t think the Radiesse Cheek Augmentation did as much as I expected it would.  But then again, it has been over a year!  What did I expect?  And still, something needs to be done with my under eyes.  I feel old.

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My friend Heather Bakker, you may know her on the forums as “Halo”, and I have started a new breast augmentation website. Heather is having her redo with Dr Horn and thought it would be great to launch a new breast augmentation support website since the old one is gone.  When she asked me to be a part of it I jumped at the chance!  We buckled down and designed a website which we hope is user friendly and informative.  Some of the content is from YTF for now but she and I have been working around the clock to get more detailed, fresh content to help others in their pursuit of breast augmentation. Please help us spread the word and join us on the forum :)

Heather will also be making a video blog of her entire experience ans well as a traditional journal with photos.  So be sure you stay tuned to see what it is like, from beginng to end, to have breast implants surgery.