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My Personal Experience With Hair Extensions (9 Methods!)

Hair Extensions:  Not For Extended Periods

Before: Damage After Hairlocs Removal.  After: Fusion: Hate It And It Looks Awful, Too.

I once read a comment by some random celebrity (I can’t remember who, now) “The fastest way to having short hair, sans cutting it off, is to get hair extensions.”  Truer words were never spoken.  I have documented my experience with hair extensions over a 5 year period with 9 different systems so that you can better avoid the problems that I had.  I no longer have extensions but I have had enough experience with many methods to have an informed opinion about it.  I am not trying to dissuade anyone from getting them, I just want you to know what you are getting into with each method and the reality of its effects on your natural hair.  Hair extensions are not for everyone.

I sustained considerable hair damage, a huge dent in my pocket book but walked away with a ton of personal experience.

Photos and more: http://yestheyrefake.net/hair_extensions.htm

Careprost vs Latisse With Photos

I used Latisse first and had extraordinary results.  Then out of cost and a recommendation from forum members I bought Careprost.  I have been using Careprost for months on end and am on my third bottle now.  At first I thought my Latisse lashes were longer.  But then I compared pics and they look about the same.  I do wish they were a bit longer and thicker but this looks to be about the end of the lash-road for me.  I have been using it long enough to where I have reached my peak. lol 

Also, I have noticed I have had lash growth in the corner of my eye, under the normal lashline (rim, you can see two of them in the last pic) and definitely between the upper eyelid crease and below the eyebrow (like little downy hairs).  I started applying it to my brow edges a few months ago and I have noticed some growth, and some errant hairs as well.  I am assuming it pretty much gets all over you as you blink and the fluid spreads to the edges of your lashes before it has had a chance to dry.  Therefore I need a hand mirror and natural sunlight (outside is where I can see it best) to pluck away about once a month.

Has anyone had this change in their results after switching products?