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Preparing For Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Although surgery preparation in the weeks before your tummy tuck surgery may seem overwhelming, if you plan your steps and create lists for supplies and tasks, this will significantly lower your stress levels.  Doing so helps you focus on relaxing and healing, not worrying, which can only enhance your recovery.  Plus, you are sure not to forget anything!  The last thing you need on your surgery day is having to stop at the pharmacy and wait in the car while your caretaker rushes around searching for a forgotten item.  These tips, along with your own surgeon’s instructions, should definitely help you avoid that inconvenience.

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Lessen Your Chances Of Bruising After Surgery & Injections, Or How To Get Rid Of Them–FAST

About 10 days post fat grafting and lip augmentation
 I may look like a dork but I assure you, warm compresses work!

Well, first of all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   And before you think I am being cliché (well, I suppose I am), it’s true!  I am going to outline best ways to avoid bruising as much or avoid bruising all together, and what to do if you do bruise to get rid of them faster…

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