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Preparing For Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Although surgery preparation in the weeks before your tummy tuck surgery may seem overwhelming, if you plan your steps and create lists for supplies and tasks, this will significantly lower your stress levels.  Doing so helps you focus on relaxing and healing, not worrying, which can only enhance your recovery.  Plus, you are sure not to forget anything!  The last thing you need on your surgery day is having to stop at the pharmacy and wait in the car while your caretaker rushes around searching for a forgotten item.  These tips, along with your own surgeon’s instructions, should definitely help you avoid that inconvenience.

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Lipo Central Website Launched

Liposuction Surgery is a very important and personal decision.  With all of theliposuction options available today, having the knowledge regarding these options is an empowering asset.  Some patients may feel anxiety when faced with the many choices, not to mention the ups and downs of liposuction recovery, from liposuction surgery.  Our goal is to help you alleviate any added stress by giving you access to straight-forward, quality information and a support system designed for patients just like you!

Lipo Central is dedicated to providing you with all of the information you need to help make an educated choice.  Whether it be educating you on the availablemethods of surgical liposuction and non-surgical fat removal procedures,, or choosing a liposuction plastic surgeon to give you the results you desire, we are here to help.  Having gone through liposuction procedures ourselves, we know what to expect, even in the unfortunate event that a complication may arise.

Although Liposuction is very popular and has a long standing safety record, it is still surgery. Therefore, risks are inherent, from anesthesia to post-surgical complications such as pulmonary thromboemboli, or dissatisfaction from contour deformities.

Arming yourself with the knowledge to lower some of these risks is as much your responsibility as it is your surgeons during your procedure. Being honest about the state of your health and adhering to post-surgical protocol can significantly lower many of the risks associated with liposuction surgery.

Please check out our newest liposuction information website, LipoCentral.com for all of your options for liposuction and non-invasive fat removal surgery!

Gynecomastia & Male Breast Reduction

man2_blackbackI want to start off first by saying that I feel that gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue in males) and male breast reduction is not something to be snickered at. I do not find the subject even remotely funny so I always consider someone’s feelings as I would like my own to be considered. If you are reading this blog, you more than likely have an insecurity about a body part, so you know how it is to feel self conscious.  A little empathy goes a long way :)

I was in L.A. last week and saw a teenager who prompted me to write an article on male breast reduction this week.  Now, before you think me rude, I already had it on the schedule to write about.  Of course, since it was on my mind, this weekend I noticed a few more older males who seemed to all have the same characteristics. Perhaps there is no connection, but it seemed to me the males I had observed did all have the same variables.  They seemed slightly overweight, weak chins and jawlines, and were slightly effeminate.  This in no way implies that I believe there is a standard for all patients with gynecomastia, rather this was just based upon the observation from the last week alone. I am not sure if this is a cause and effect issue of increased estrogen, so much as it was simply a coincidence.  But I do know that higher levels of estrogen can create excess breast tissue in males. Of course there were still the uber-masculine, once-upon-a-time-weight-lifter males which also suffered from enlarged male breasts.

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the condition in males that defines the presence of excess glandular breast tissue, and/or fat.  The result is what appears to be prominent breasts in males and can occur in one or both breasts.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

True gynecomastia is a glandular tissue problem. It is most often seen in adolescent males, but can also be present in the elderly and even infants.  Breast tissue in males commonly forms due to the presence of excess estrogen, the female sex hormone. In infants, estrogen is commonly caused from a direct transfer from the mother in utero.  In adolescents it is often caused from hormonal imbalances. In the elderly it can be caused from hormonal imbalances as well.  Although aging seems to increase fat deposits in some places and decreases it in others.

Other factors may contribute to gynecomastia such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or possibly smoking considerable amounts of marijuana. Although this hypothesis is still not widely accepted. Certain medications, such as (spironolactone, and finasteride) can also cause gynecomastia. 

Gynecomastia can also be a result of higher body fat percentage. Although higher fat levels increase estrogen levels, when the problem is primarily fat, then it is often called psuedo-gynecomastia.

In body builders and swimmers, the “problem” can arise from muscle hypertrophy  (the building of muscles, and the increase in size of muscle cells) and subsequent atrophy after retiring due to lack of exercise. When body builders have experimented with anabolic steroid use, the size increase (and estrogen imbalance) can become exacerbated. This is caused by your own body’s reactions to the increased amount of testosterone being introduced to the body.  The body attempts to balance these levels and increases its production of estrogen. Although even without the use of steroids, when the muscle building stops and the atrophy begins, loose skin and deflated tissue can also cause the appearance of prominent breasts.  Increased testosterone levels due to exercising and bodybuilding can also cause the hormone shift.

The Psychological Effect of Gynecomastia

It is no secret that males with gynecomastia are teased by the peers in school and in adult life. You may have heard the off-color remarks such as “manboobs”, “man breasts”, “moobs” and “b*tch t*t”. Again, please consider someone’s feelings before even thinking of making these comments.  I assure you, if the person could change it, they would. Making fun of another’s physical attribute is not only rude, it has contributed to anti-social behavior, depression, and even suicide. We are all different and in most cases do not fit some pre-packaged physical norm.

Options in Treatment

In adolescents suffering from a natural hormonal issue, this will often correct itself in 1 -2 years. Usually, nothing is necessary but patience.

In medication-induced gynecomastia, speaking with your doctor about adjusting medications can help, but may not eradicate the problem until you cease taking said medications. This includes anabolic steroid use.

In cases of psuedo-gynecomastia, if you feel that you have a higher body fat percentage than you’d like, reducing this by diet and exercise, and building muscle will help you determine if your issue is true breast tissue, or fat.

In the elderly, and although often par for the course, discussing the problem with your health care provider may help you determine a cause of action. Liposuction is common for those who have fatty deposits only.

Bottom line, an attempt at determining the cause of your gynecomastia may be beneficial to you in other areas of your health profile.  Testicular tumors can increase estrogen levels, so a physical stemming from your dissatisfaction with gynecomastia should not just be considered “vain”, it is also smart.

In those who wish to turn to surgery, glandular tissue can be excised through a small incision. In those who have fatty deposits, can resolve the issue through standard liposuction, or lipoplasty, also through a small incision.

The Surgical Procedure

Your doctor will make a small incision in the nipple areas and use a scalpel to excise the glandular pad, as well as possibly use liposuction to reduce the fatty deposits. This can be done under local (a shot, and a mild oral sedative), or under light sleep sedation (mild anesthesia, where you sleep and do not feel pain, but are not on a breathing apparatus), and sometimes under General Anesthesia when other procedures are performed.

The Recovery Period

Since surgery is still surgery, you will be slightly sore afterwards, perhaps even feel a burning sensation. You will be prescribed pain medications to get you through this time, and should not feel any pain which is extreme or out of the ordinary, but do expect discomfort.

You will commonly be instructed to wear a compression vest for 4-6 weeks to reduce swelling, reduce the occurrence of fluid and subsequent scar tissue build up and promote tissue adherence. 

You may also have sutures if excision was performed, and sometimes when liposuction only is performed.  These sutures will commonly be removed in a week at your follow up appointment.

Risks of Gynecomastia Surgery

Other than risks associated to the anesthesia itself, a risk from the surgery itself may be infection.  Other risks include hematoma (a sort of internal bruise where a pocket of blood may form), and seroma (a pocket of fluid formation), and although uncommon, necrosis (death of tissue from lack of blood supply).  Please discuss with your doctor the full list of risks associated with this procedure.

Dissatisfaction may also be an issue, so please discuss this with your surgeon after you are finished healing. Remember you will be swollen and bruised during your recovery period so don’t even begin to judge your result until you are healed.


The costs of gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction, really depends upon the doctor, the region, and the needs of the patient. With excision the cost may be more than standard liposuction. Generally the costs are between$4,000. and $6,000.  Although I have seen this surgery go for $3,000.

Whatever the case, if you are self-conscious about having gynecomastia, there are options.  Just remember that although cosmetic, this is still surgery.  Mental and physical health are both paramount before deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. :)

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Breast Implants

Of all the things I wish I could change about having breast augmentation, the single, solitary thing I could change than most, would be the one thing that I could not.  And that is what my breasts looked like beforehand.  But since I cannot change that factor, I must say there are things I wish I knew before ever having breast augmentation.

1. Without a doubt, lowering your crease will not truly give your breasts the lift they need thereby canceling out your need for a lift.  It will not help.
2. Bigger is not always better. Make sure you know what you are getting into when you decide on a size.  Wear it around via rice-boobies for a while.   Plus, larger implants equals stretched out skin.
3. Make sure you are wearing the correct size bra no matter what.   This means that if the strap is riding up in the back, you’re bra band size is too large.
4. Be diligent with your scar therapy.  It will make all the difference in the world—faster.
5. Be sure that you want overs, or unders. I personally want unders now.  I have had 2 sets of overs and all it resulted in was larger, saggier, thinner-skinned breasts. 

Not everything is as it seems when you get breast implants.  Knowing what to expect is probably your biggest hurdle.  Preparing yourself for the worse, but hoping for the best is the second biggest hurdle. Getting through your recovery period can be difficult to comprehend if you have never undergone a procedure such as this. Even if you have the best results, as a recovering patient, you may become regretful and hyper-judgmental before you should even look at your breasts.  Bruises take a while to go a away, swelling even longer.  Don’t be quick to judge a result before you’ve had a chance to recover fully.  Seek out support groups, such as is found on yestheyrefake.net  It can make a world of difference in your emotional state!

Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty

Okay, okay.  I admit it; it is true. I have thought about labiaplasty.  I still think about it. Now, I am going to bare my soul and hopefully nothing else to you in this article.  So, before you start thinking I have truly gone off the deep end in a state of ridiculous shallow coma, I have my reasons!  And they are not only aesthetic.   

Now, don’t expect me to get all super-personal and divulging my innermost secrets, so…I have this girlfriend (seriously), right?  Well, this girlfriend told me that she has painful intercourse because her boyfriend and she have, how shall I put this, ‘size differences’.  Apparently, sometimes it doesn’t truly matter how much personal lubricant a woman uses, if the guy is um, well-endowed. Tough.  Sexual intercourse hurts if it goes on for too long or you have it too often.  She said she is starting to avoid it because it tends not to be all that fun due to the pain.  I assure her I am in total agreement with her.  Poor thing.  SO!  She and I have traded stories about wanting vaginoplasty, or as I call it, labiaplasty.  But, is it worth it?


As with any plastic surgery, things can go wrong.  But when something goes wrong down south, it can change your life in ways you could not imagine.  My friend told me that Jenna Jameson had labiaplasty and had complications resulting in more harm than good.  I didn’t even know Jenna Jameson had labiaplasty until I was told, not that I would know anyyway—I don’t watch porn.  Apparently, as the rumor goes, there was going to be a movie version of her book, ‘How To Make Love Like a Porn Star’.  However, after her surgery reportedly didn’t go so well, she decided to take it easy for a while.  Can you imagine more pain or being less-aesthetically pleasing than before?  With too much pain, then you can’t use it at all. 


Why Have Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty?

Now to your obvious question, why on Earth would someone mess with what God gave them down there for simple aesthetic reasons?  Well, not all of us have perfectly airbrushed Playboy hoo-hoos.  If you have ever seen a Playboy centerfold, the Playmates have their hoo-hoos airbrushed so that they are, for lack of a better word, trim.  There is no labia minora hanging out of, or below, the perfectly symmetrical and small labia majora and the clitoris (I can’t believe I am even talking about the clitoris in public) is small and almost completely hidden except for a lil bit o’ hood showage.  That ain’t natural, that’s Photoshop. 

There are two types of Vaginoplasty categories, Internal and External Vaginoplasty.  They are then further broken down into several sub-categories of other procedures.  Not only can it benefit women who have painful intercourse, it can be for those who have had children and have larger than desired labia minora, or majora.  Some women don’t even have to have children to have this problem, as they can have it genetically.  Most internal procedures commonly consist of tightening.  A common external tightening procedure is often performed after childbirth after an episiotomy during pregnancy, you know…the “extra stitch”.  The internal version is more in-depth and leaves more room for error.  I cannot relate because I have not had children, and (TMI Alert) my problem is on the opposite end of the scope.  But, I am not sure I would risk internal tightening myself were it warranted.  I would more than likely have a Cesarean anyway.  But I simultaneously digress and get ahead of myself. I am not even sure I am having children yet.  I am presently ‘undecided’. 


As with most magazines, the media tends to set some sort of intangible-for-most Gold standard we are all supposed to measure up to.  I am not saying it’s right; it is what it is.  I am not thrilled that men, and men don’t call me bitter, seem to determine what we as women should resemble and then we do it even if we think it’s not fair.  It is an ongoing debate and many argue that we prefer what we like because it does, indeed, look better—like breast implants.  Sorry ladies, I am one of the women who feel that implanted boobs are way better looking and feeling than natural ones (of the same size).  I should not lose my Woman Card because I feel this way; I am being honest.  I should mention that he media and men do not sway my decision. 

Do I feel the same about hoo-hoos?  Honestly, no.  If I didn’t have to show it to anyone, I would not care what it looked like.  The decision is usually and partly because of we ladies wanting to look more trim to our sex partner.  Although I doubt men notice the difference nor do I think they even care.  Why would I do it?  MOSTLY because (TMI Alert) it friggin’ hurts.  I still can’t believe I am talking about this.  ANYWAY!  I am going to break it down…so ladies, if there is a part [a piece of skin] that becomes inflamed with a larger partner, I say cut it off!!!   There, I said it.  Plus, eternal labiaplasty (namely the minora) reductions, IMHO, can make you look a little neater.  Read below.


External Labiaplasty Surgeries
 Let’s talk about external, since it is more for aesthetic reasons anyway.  As I said, these procedures fall into several sub-categories.  Some of which you may already know about, others you’d be surprised about. 

  • Labia minior and majora reduction:  It is true; you can reduce the size of both labia types if you so choose.  Common methods were to snip the ends off, suture it and call it a day.  Not so much anymore. Several doctors I spoke with advised they prefer to remove a section in the middle of the labia and suture it closed, thereby reducing its overall size.  Why?  Because apparently scar tissue on the ends can be a real issue and cause more pain than not.  Also, keeping the natural, let’s call it an ‘edge’, looks more natural and requires less downtime for the healing process. 
  • Fat Injections/Injectable Fillers to the Labia Majora:  I kid you not.  Just as with your face, as you age you can lose fat and collagen.  Plump them back up, if you so desire.
  • Laser Rejuvenation:  If it’s wrinkly, you can actually tighten the look of the visible Labia Majora skin.  Ouch.
  • Clitoral Injections:  It’s true!  Not reaching orgasm without a little help, not reaching orgasm at all?  Some women are choosing to have their clitoris injected so that it is more prominent and is more easily stimulated. Not exactly aesthetic, but it does make it stick out more if it is too hidden.  If there is such a thing.
  • Bleaching: Seriously.  Don’t like the color of your goods?  Some doctors are actually using chemical peels to lighten the skin and making it pinker.  Lasers have been used for this as well.
  • Hair Removal:  Not exactly labiaplasty, but hair removal is a super-popular way to clean up the appearance of your southward bidness. 

Internal Vaginoplasty Surgeries
Most of the procedures in this category are simply different methods in vaginal reconstruction.  Vaginal surgeries of this type are designed to tighten the vaginal canal and is often a procedure chosen by women who have had children.  They may incorporate methods which have been utilized in sexual reassignment surgeries, or they may have invented what they deem to be a superior method.  Be sure your doctor explains what he/she intends on doing and how many procedures such as this they have performed.  Cross-reference via the Internet, talk to other patients, etc.  Although obviously, procedures to tighten a natural vagina are far less complex, dangerous and prolonged, not everyone knows what they are doing.

Some procedures simply include injections to the G-spot to increase the probability of a non-clitoral orgasm.  (Hmmmm…)  And still others, to remove folds of skin that essentially get assaulted during intercourse. 

Again, Why?

So, you see, it’s not just about aesthetics and conforming to a Gold Standard that is now invading our most private parts.  It is about being comfortable.  Comfortable with ourselves and being intimate with someone that we love (or not).  The one thing it is is a personal choice. A choice we should not be judged for.  Come on ladies, don’t disapprove of your friend for getting a procedure which is honestly none of your concern.  If you could walk a mile in someone else’s hoo-hoo you might not be so apt to make a harsh judgment about them.  As unrealistic as that sounds, what I am trying to say is, it’s ludicrous to put your two cents in when you have no idea what the other person is feeling or has to go through during something so basic [and not so basic for some] as sexual intercourse. 

Even if you want it for aesthetic reasons, granted your reward is simply aesthetic and not comfortability, but it’s your vagina.  Do what you want with it.  Regardless of your reasons, you are just as entitled to opt for a surgical change to your body, as you are to switch brands of dryer sheets.  No one should tell you, or make you feel guilty, for wanting to change any aspect of your physical body.  YOU have to live with it, and whether it is causing you pain emotionally or physically, you get to make the choice to alter your path.

If you’re the one having surgery, pleeeeeeeeeease do your research.  This isn’t getting Botox, or Restylane.  This is messing with something functional.  And even if you have surgery with The Labiaplasty Master, there are still inherent risks you must weigh before you choose to go ahead with surgery.  Risk versus reward.  Think of poor Jenna.