“My Breast Implants Are Too Small: How Long To Wait For Redo?”

“I had a BA silicone 450 R went to 500 /500 went to 550 L under, on March 21, I want a redo to go bigger by 100 cc’s , how long should I wait to get a redo, I was thinking maybe July or wait til Nov of this year.”

This is probably one of the most common complaints after Breast Augmentation not related to a complication.  Many patients feel that their Breast Implants are too small right after their surgery.  Personally, I have never felt this way (even after two different breast augmentations with 510 cc saline breast implants) because I had gone rather large and admittedly regretted choosing such a large size (both times!).   Granted, I liked it at first.  When you’re just lying around healing, having noticeable results is like Christmas!  But when you get back to your daily life, finding bras that fit (32F!) and easing back into your activities can be a little “different” with that much mass on your chest.  So be careful what you wish for.   And remember, the larger you go the more stress is applied to your tissues and the faster you will sag without sufficient support (although we all sag eventually).

Now that you’re heard my thoughts from personal experience, I thought I’d share the comments of 4 of our Expert Breast Augmentation Surgeons

Thank you for your inquiry.  I would recommend that you wait at least 2
months.  This will allow most of the swelling to go down and tissues to
have healed enough.  Also allowing the overlying tissues to relax may
change the appearance enough that you may not want to go bigger.  I have
many patients who think their breasts are too small immediately after
surgery and as things settle down they end up being very happy.  Especially
with the implants behind the muscle.
Gary Hall, M.D. – Overland Park, Kansas Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dear K,

I received an email from Marianne and she requested I answer this
question for you. It is a pleasure as I know Marianne for years and know
how she cares for patients and visitors to her site.

For your revision surgery, if you have existing good results with the
large size you already have in, then going 100cc larger is small by
comparison to the size implant you have and should cause no problem and
add little or no risk. Timing for revision surgery is a judgment call
but can be as soon as your tissues are soft (to allow safe surgery) and
you are not swollen (to be a good judge of size). Also make sure you
have no issues with your current result except for size. I have done
this surgery as early as six weeks in some patients but usually is best
at between 3 and 6 months depending on the factors just mentioned. Be
careful, on occasions to go even slightly larger may mean that slight
lowering of the IM fold is needed or scoring the capsule to expand the
space to still keep the NAC centered.

Dr. James Romano – San Francisco, California Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


A common mistake some women (and surgeons) make is to do too many surgeries too fast.  There are a number of questions that need to be asked.  Did you change what you wanted?  Did you not get what you expected?  Why do you want to be bigger?  Can you be happy where you are?  Do they look good now?  This needs a thorough and honest discussion.  The decisions that go into what procedure to do are just as important as knowing how to do it.  Patience here is a virtue.  I would wait 9-12 months before embarking on another breast implant procedure (as long as things have healed up well, etc). Good luck!
Stephen J. Ronan M.D., F.A.C.S. – Danville (Blackhawk), California Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Dear K,

If you just want to increase the size of your implants by 100cc, you could do it almost at any time. I would suggest that you think if that would accomplish what you want for your cup size would increase by about ¾ size. Also, your breast size will still continue to diminish over the next several months. 120-150cc is about one cup size. If 100cc is all you wish to add, then if the implants are saline, I can even do this under a local anesthetic in our office operating room. I can usually increase the implants size by up to 400cc but I advise waiting at least six months for that. Please e-mail us back if you have further questions.


The incision under the fold makes it more difficult to fill under local anesthesia for I need to turn the implant and get to the valve port. It can definitely be done but probably with IV sedation. I usually use an incision around the areola for I feel it heals better, gives me better access to do the surgery and the loss of sensation is the same as with any other incision.  The one under the breast does heal well in most patients but if it doesn’t (in about 10% of patients), then it can be a problem, especially when the swimming suit or bra rides up it becomes visible. Thanks! Dr. Ed Domanskis

Edward Jonas Domanskis, M.D., F.A.C.S. – Newport Beach, California Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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One response to ““My Breast Implants Are Too Small: How Long To Wait For Redo?”

  1. I have the same problem, I had a BA about a month ago and I feel that I went too small. I have smooth, moderate saline 525cc’s under muscle. They’re just not big enough! I should have gone with at least 600-650 cc’s. Im 5’2 and about 111 pounds pre-op:-(

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